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Generate value from data in your building

ToBe Analytics develops SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions with an API model for third-party energy monitoring and management cloud platforms.

To enhance your business Be aware of your energy needs.

Take energy intelligent decisions with our Energy management and information systems.

ToBe Analytics integrates energy information services based on artificial intelligence algorithms for commercial buildings and industrial sites, helping them to be efficient, sustainable and healthy.

TOBE_AI© engine and our API-first model

to enhance your energy management services

1. Service analysis and data integration

We connect to your building/energy system monitoring data and analyse it quickly. We focus on your specific needs and tailor our solutions to your energy management objectives to ensure a competitive advantage in our informative management solutions

2. Configuration of AI frameworks and API development

We adapt our TOBE©AI engine processes to tailor our solutions to specific energy management needs. Our solutions are delivered in cloud environment to be integrated into existing energy management and monitoring infrastructure through customized API communication models to meet any visualization needs.

3. End-to-end implementation and management

We manage the whole service implementation and configuration process, ensuring that our TOBE©AI engine is fully integrated with your energy management and monitoring infrastructure and always operates effectively and efficiently, while ensuring data security and privacy.


Our AI-based services for enhancing energy efficiency in your buildings

Extract useful knowledge from historical performance of your building and from your peers to unlock an energy benchmarking process.

Predict your future energy behavior and adapt to optimize the energy management of your building and energy systems


Promptly identify energy performance anomalies in your building supporting the maintenance operations and the automated detection of faults in energy systems


Assess the impact of energy conservation measures supporting you to monetize investments.

Visualize and report key information to track energy and sustainability objectives by means of effective KPIs.

The potential of AI for buildings

0 years

Average investment payback of Energy Information Systems.

0 %

Potential energy saving enabled by data-driven continuous commissioning processes in buidings.

up to 0 %

Energy waste in commercial and industrial buildings due to incorrect energy management.

0 Billion $

Expected market size by 2023 of data analytics technologies in the building and energy sector.


Tobe analytics supports:

Energy/Facility Managers
Energy Service Companies
Utilies/Energy Suppliers

Analytics solutions for final users

ToBe Analytics delivers software solutions in subscription through a proprietary platform and provides dedicated services to manage client energy needs.

Ad-hoc solutions for third parties

ToBe analytics develops ad-hoc software solutions to support new energy management business models tailored to specific needs of clients.

End-to-end service from hardware to software

ToBe Analytics through its partner network can also provide the design and installation services for a cloud-connected energy and environmental monitoring infrastructures offering end-to-end hardware to ToBe Analytics software solutions.