Towards the digital transition of energy management in buildings

The challenges of energy and digital transition in buildings

Buildings play a key-role in the energy and digital transition process based on 3 pillars: Energy Sufficiency, Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization.

Manage complexity to manage energy

The optimal energy management of multi-energy and integrated energy systems considering the interaction with the smart grid and the occupant behavior needs proactive, organized, systematic and cost-effective decisions that can be effectively driven by artificial intelligence.

The new paradigm of information intensive buildings

Buildings are generating more and more information thanks to revolution of IoT technology penetration. Artificial intelligence coupled with domain expertise is the key to unlocking the hidden value in energy performance data.

Our story

ToBe Analytics is an innovative startup incubated in i3P and a spinoff of the Politecnico di Torino. ToBe Analytics is the result of over ten years of experience gained by the BAEDA laboratory of the Politecnico di Torino in the field of energy management of buildings through artificial intelligence techniques. The founding father of ToBe Analytics is Alfonso Capozzoli who has dedicated many years of his research to help bridge the gap between building physics and energy and data science. ToBe Analytics focuses on domain expertise as the only key to promote transparent and effective software solutions designed around the needs arising from the digital and energy transition processes of buildings to support energy managers, ESCos and energy operators in general.

Entrepreneurial team

Alfonso Capozzoli

co-founder & CEO

Alfonso is an international building physics expert with a particular focus on the application of data-driven methods to optimize building energy management. His vision guides ToBe Analytics business.

Silvio Brandi

Co-Founder & COO

Silvio has gained an in-depth knowledge on the strategies and methodologies to effectively deploy AI-based products in the building sector. His pragmatism ensures the robustness and the timely delivery of ToBe Analyitcs products.

Marco Savino Piscitelli


Marco dedicated his carreer to the conceptualization and design of advanced AI algorithms and frameworks for building energy management. His dedication and passion are the pillars of ToBe analytics software.

Danilo Crisci

data scientist

Danilo is a mathematician and works as a Data Scientist. His expertises include data-driven modeling, design and implementation of algorithms based on Machine Learning methodologies, as well as data processing and analysis and operational management of application development.

Davide Taddei

Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect

Davide is a Computer Engineer and works as Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect. Davide excels in resource and infrastructure management, and has extensive experience in DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Davide designs and implements innovative and scalable cloud solutions to ensure operational efficiency and success of business projects.

Our group

The strength of ToBe Analytics is a committed group of experts in the field of building physics, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence.